Rugged Rocks Nissan Off Road Video Contest

How it works:
Upload your video entry using the form below by the end of day December 31st, 2013. All video entries will then be uploaded to YouTube by Rugged Rocks staff on Jan 31st. The URL for your video will then be e-mailed to you along with the URL of the Contest Video Gallery on Facebook to promote on the web however you wish, show your friends and promote on facebook etc. The people that submitted videos with the most combined Facebook Likes and Youtube Video Views at the end of Day on July 31st 2013, will pick their prizes from the prize pool starting with the top winner and moving down the list until we run out of prizes.
Sponsors & Prize Pool:
Doug Thorley Headers has Contributed:
A set of Nissan Headers of your pick.
Doug Thorley Headers
Rugged Rocks has Contributed:
A $300 gift certificate for use at RuggedRocks.com
Rugged Rocks Off Road

PRG Products has Contributed:
A $200 gift certificate for use directly with PRG Products
PRG Products
North West Fab has Contributed:
A $100 gift certificate, for use towards any North West Fab Product
including their Nissan transfercase doubler.
North West Fab
Want to sponsor the video contest? Let us know! Call: 909-547-4651
Enter the Contest:
  • Your video must be of your personal Nissan truck
  • The Video must Not be more than 5 minutes long.
  • You must own all audio and video footage used to compose your entry
  • You may edit multiple videos together for your final entry
  • Rugged Rocks reserves the right to disqualify any entrant based on inapropriate video footage or audio, illegal activity or anything else that may be looked down on such as drinking on the trail or disrespectfull land use. Keep it clean.
  • One Entry per person.
  • Max file size of your final video must be less than 1GB
  • Video entry must be in one of the follwoing formats: m4v, mp4, avi, wmv
  • If your video upload times out during upload (45min) either use a faster internet connection or compress your video to a smaller file size. (3 Mbps or greater internet Upload speed is recommended)
  • Using the Google Chrome web browser is recommended for entering the contest. (shows an upload progress indicator)
  • Note that your video may be used for future Rugged Rocks promotions.
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